Jul 292009

The police take far too many liberties with their power.

The police have an incredibly difficult job, I think that we should pay them more. I think that we should train them better. I think that we should support them at every turn… except when they abuse their power.
Shooting unarmed people in their own yard is an abuse of power.
Beating the crap out of someone once you have caught them is an abuse of power.
Kicking a suspect in the head, while they lay face down with their arms spread is an abuse of power.
Arresting a man who is pissed at you for assuming that he is a robber because he is black in his own home, after he has proven that he is in his own home, is an abuse of power.

Sending an email where you describe an African American as a “Jungle Monkey” when you are a cop? this is just plain stupid and racist, you don’t belong in law enforcement, go find a job digging ditches. Fortunately the Police Commisioner is Boston doesn’t find any grey area. Comminsioner Davis immediately pulled the officers badge and gun and scheduled a hearing for his dismissal.
That is the way police misconduct should be handled, it is the only way that cops will respect that we are a nation of laws… we are not a police state.
the story is here
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